In the summer of 2018, I had the honour and pleasure of working as an Engineering Support Specialist contractor with Honeywell Aerospace on a special project. The Optical Inter-satellite Link project. My role there was primary as a requirement management engineer. My role on the team is described below:

  • Collaborated with satellite system companies to better support product development process and requirements provided by NASA and CSA

  • Developed and tested models of alternate designs and processing methods to assess feasibility and operating condition of system

  • Successful implementation of relational dynamic object-oriented requirement management system software (IBM DOORS) for trace- ability and verification of project requirements

  • Performed detailed analysis of complex business process requirements and provided suitable system solutions; to identify, interpret, validate and document customer requirements

  • Researched and implemented strategic cost-saving initiatives to achieve a projected savings of $20,000 per unit of product for business clients